Welp, after a month of GETTING FOCUSED and PLANNING THINGS, I find myself no better prepared for writing this blog than I was in May, so I might as well jump in, since I don't see the situation changing anytime soon.

I've decided that any temperature above 80 is too hot for yard work, or any kind of work, really, which means I'm sitting inside scouring the internet for the perfect dining room chairs for our Federal style house.

The problem is that my personal taste fits more with the Baroque or Rococo aesthetic. Even Victorian is a little too staid for me. Which means that, in my mind, these chairs are Totally Reasonable for a dining room in an 1812 house in small-town Pennsylvania:

perfectly reasonable chairs

You are allowed to disagree with me, but keep in mind that you are wrong.

Is it totally reasonable to pay $1,750 for them? PROBABLY NOT, but the listing did remind me that whatever chairs we do end up buying, I can smother them in gold leaf and drape them in brocade and live out all of my overwrought fantasies.

(I also want to gold leaf most if not all of my attic workshop. Walls, ceiling, carpet -- all of it gold leaf.)

(But that's another post for another time.)



I'm going to host a weekly brunch and call it Pancakes and Pedicures. You're invited. YOU'RE ALL INVITED!

Also, while we're at it, let's talk about outside dining. We have a very long backyard and a long walk-out basement, perfect for storing Very Long Things that We Will Only Use Approximately Once a Year. Our friend makes these amazing farmhouse tables, and I want to have him make a super-long one, then buy old church pews to place on either side and invite everyone we know for a Dr. Seuss-esque feast. Of course, if you're sitting in the middle and want to get up for any reason, you'll either have to climb over people's laps or back flip out of your seat.

Still, I think it's worth it. FOR THE DRAMA.